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Blossoms will run away -
Cakes reign but a Day.
But Memory like Melody,
Is pink eternally
(Emily Dickinson)

Esther Ofarim

Here is a beautiful song in Hebrew ("Dark Girl", actually the Hebrew version of a Ladino song) performed by the lovely Esther Ofarim. Esther Ofarim (born Esther Zaied in 1941 in Safed) is one of Israel's greatest female vocalists. She met Abi Ofarim, a guitarist and dancer, in 1959 and subsequently married him. With her husband and without him she began to sing Hebrew and international folk songs. In 1961 Esther won the Song Festival in Tel Aviv. Two years later, Esther made the 2nd place at the Eurovision Song Contest, representing Switzerland. From then on, her duo with her then husband Abi Ofarim began take off. In 1966 they had their first hit in Germany. Their greatest success in Germany was "Morning of my Life" in 1967, which was written by the Bee Gees. In 1968 the Ofarims had their international breakthrough. They played many live concerts in New York and London, and in 1969 they toured around the world. They divorced in 1970. Esther started her solo career with several albums and concerts. In 1984 she played in Joshua Sobol's piece "Ghetto", in Berlin (Germany). There she sang some songs. The play was extremely successful, which was attributed in part to Esther's strong presence. Since 1998, Esther Ofarim has been performing several concerts each year, especially in Israel and Germany. This includes annual concerts in the Hamburger Kammerspiele.
Enjoy Esther Ofarim's sweet and strong voice!


Gilbar said...

true. esther is one of a kind. not only natural with strength and sweetness... but also in constant Rubato like a giant-jazz singer, and always picked up composed poetry of usually famous and appreciated poets. so not main-stream...
in short, unique and beautiful!

Conny said...

I love that song: Shehahoret much!
Also nice video, many fotos taken from my website
There you can also get more info about Esther Ofarim.